Enhance Matrix-UPS functionality in the areas of systems management, environmental monitoring and control, and communications
An APC Matrix-UPS protects your valuable systems, equipment and data from power problems that can cause expensive downtime, lost data or the inability to service your customers. By using APC’s Matrix-UPS Accessories, your Matrix becomes even more reliable and versatile. These accessories put you in complete control of your Matrix, enabling you to make the most of its power protection and monitoring capabilities. APC’s broad line of Matrix-UPS Accessories enhance your investment to create a solution custom-tailored to your application.


Microprocessor-controlled SmartCell battery packs help provide Matrix-UPS’ maximum datacenter security. If one battery should fail, the self-diagnosing LED can indicate the failure of an individual SmartCell. Because SmartCells are connected in parallel, the failed battery can then be "hot-swapped" out, while the remaining batteries keep the protected system up and running. Swapping batteries out of your Matrix won’t happen very often. In fact, while other brands’ UPSs may require two or three replacements, SmartCells might need only one during the service life of the unit. These extraordinary batteries last longer because they operate at room temperature. SmartCells also can be added easily to provide as much runtime as your application requires.

SmartCell XR
The SmartCell XR battery pack provides extended run applications with an affordable, fault-tolerant, intelligent solution. It has all the functionality of a SmartCell with four times the runtime! It is microprocessor controlled and managed via Matrix’s front panel and by PowerChute plus software. The innovative packaging of the SmartCell XR allows it to be user installable and serviceable. The SmartCell XR will save you money by keeping your service contracts to a minimum and maximizing your runtime per dollar. It is ideal for telecom equipment and datacenters requiring an abundance of runtime.

Hardwire kit
APC offers a hardwire kit to be used with the 120/208 Matrix-UPS product. This hardwire kit replaces the standard back panel and allows the Matrix to be wired directly into your service panel by a qualified electrician. Output voltages of 120V, 208V, and 240V are available using the hardwire kit.

Matrix-UPS Rack Shelf and Extender cables
The Matrix-UPS Rack Shelf fits into a standard 19" rack often used to house high-power servers, or internetworking equipment. It uses 10U (17.5"/44.5cm) of rack space, and will hold a Matrix PE, SmartCell XR, or 1-4 SmartCells. Two brackets secure the Matrix, preventing forward or backward motion. The Matrix Rack Shelf also ships with a four foot extender power cable and six foot extender communication cable to extend the distance between the Matrix PE and the SmartCells. The cables are also available separately.

Matrix-UPS Casters
With Matrix’s modularity, individual components like the Isolation Module, Electronics Module, and the SmartCell batteries can be easily handled by untrained personnel. However, to make the complete package easier to move, APC introduced Matrix Casters, a black metal cart with locking wheels. Matrix Casters will house a Matrix PE (the Isolation Module and the Electronics Module), a SmartCell XR or 1-4 SmartCells.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
APC has several optional PDUs for use with the Matrix-UPS to provide greater flexibility of electical connections. There are eight different PDU configurations that offer many receptacle options to meet most needs.

 Additional Accessories

Share-UPS multiple OS shutdown
When used with APC software and cable kits, Share-UPS provides safe, automatic shutdown of up to eight servers connected to the same APC Matrix-UPS or Smart-UPS - even in mixed operating system environments. Share-UPS also supports remote UPS management via modem.