UPS Systems

When mission-critical applications such as fileservers, and telecom equipment are on the line, you need a UPS that can take care of your loads and take care of itself.

 High Power Applications


Provides a systematic approach to building a fully integrated power, cooling, and environmental solution within a rack-optimized design.



Precision Air Conditioning for the IT Environment



Rack enclosures with advanced cooling, power distribution, and cable management for server and networking applications in IT environments.



Silcon  (10KW/10kVA - 4.3MW/4.3MVA)

Three-phase on-line power protection for data centers, facilities, and high availability applications


Symmetra MW 400kW - 1.6MW

Symmetra MW  (400KW/400KVA - 1.6MW/1.6MVA)

Fault-tolerant, modular, enhanced delta conversion on-line UPS for facility, data center and other mission critical applications



Symmetra  (4kVA - 16kVA)

Scalable, redundant power protection for centralized servers, data centers and high availability applications

Symmetra RM

Symmetra RM  (2kVA - 12kVA)

Scalable, redundant, rack-mountable power protection for critical servers, networking, telecom, and high availability applications

Matrix  (3kVA - 5kVA)

Modular power protection for servers, midrange systems, and business critical applications

 Product List by Category
Power Control Units   Power

Remotely reboot, turn on/off locked-up equipment from any location via intranet/internet using our MasterSwitch product family.
UPS   Uninterruptible
Power Supplies 

Back-Up power protection solutions from desktop to datacenter.
Surge Protection   Surge Protection 
& Power 

Surge protection, TVSS and line conditioning products to safeguard your equipment from everyday power surges, lightning strikes, and other power anomalies.
Management   Power

Portfolio of software and enhancement cards for administration and monitoring of APC devices.
Connectivity Catalog   Connectivity
Cable assemblies, printer and peripheral sharing, LAN cabling solutions


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