Matrix is Expandable…
With most large UPSs, battery replacement is neither quick nor easy. Special shipping is required for heavy batteries. Safe disposal procedures must be followed. Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) can be weeks or even months. In contrast, SmartCell replacement takes just minutes with no effect on system uptime. New SmartCells can be stored on-site or shipped by overnight courier upon request. Worn modules are simply returned to APC in the replacement SmartCell’s packaging. In effect, an overnight courier can take the place of an expensive service contract.

 SmartCells™ increase uptime and reduce costs

Increase runtime easily
Runtime can be increased without replacing the SmartCells or Matrix-UPS isolation and electronics modules. Additional runtime can be added simply by adding SmartCells or SmartCell XRs.

SmartCells provide fault tolerance
Matrix-UPS’ SmartCell battery packs are connected in parallel for maximum security. In many other UPSs, batteries are connected in series: when one battery fails, all are rendered useless. Replacing a dead battery often means the hassle and expense of replacing the whole string.

Front panel indicators warn you when it’s time to replace batteries
A microprocessor in each SmartCell automatically monitors the operation of the battery and warns you of diminished capacity. Warnings are delivered via the front control panel, via indicators on each SmartCell, and via monitoring software.

Separate enclosures mean long battery life
Unlike UPS designs where batteries are packaged in the same enclosure as heat dissipating chargers and inverters which can cause early failure, SmartCells last longer because they are self-contained and operate at room temperature. Instead of two or three replacements, SmartCells may be replaced only once during the UPS’ service life.

SmartCell XR provides extended-run applications with an affordable, fault-tolerant, intelligent solution
The SmartCell XR has all the functionality of the SmartCell with 4 times the runtime. It is microprocessor controlled and managed via Matrix’s front panel and by PowerChute plus software. The innovative packaging of the XR allows it to be user serviceable and installable. The SmartCell XR will save you money by keeping your service contracts to a minimum and maximizing your runtime per dollar.