Matrix is Flexible…

 Matrix-UPS is designed for flexibility

Downsizing means managing a mixed bag of midrange, PC, and telecom equipment, so Matrix-UPS offers full capacity in every served voltage, as well as upgradeable options.

Downsizing means saying goodbye to the glasshouse, so Matrix-UPS provides full environmental monitoring capabilities which alert you whenever ambient conditions go out of bounds.

Downsizing means attention to the bottom line, so Matrix-UPS delivers lifecycle costs half that of competitive brands. And downsizing means a slew of new power problems to contend with, so Matrix-UPS eliminates threats from PC-induced harmonics, offers full compatibility with power-factor corrected PCs, and outperforms the competition in deep "rolling brownout" protection.

Matrix-UPS is strong enough to handle all the problems your equipment is likely to experience, smart enough to provide network management tools to make your job easier, and stingy enough to protect your investment with customizable product and service options.

A. RJ-11 communication jacks allow each SmartCell to report its status to the electronics module.

B. Circuit breaker overload protection means no fuse replacement hassles.

C. Matrix-UPSs isolation module provides full line conditioning, meeting Novell's approval for network protection without the need for additional external conditioners.

D. Master activation switch is protected against accidental power downs.

E. Unlike competitive units which may require new, dedicated four-line wire service to your site, Matrix-UPS uses the L6-30P input plug as found on standard 208V equipment so there are no rewiring costs or hassles.

F. Hand-pluggable connectors make installation and service quick and easy.

G. Award-winning internal SmartSlot increases reliability and enhances performance by allowing you to customize your Matrix-UPS with a wide variety of optional SmartSlot Accessories. Accessories connect with and draw all necessary power from the UPS.

H. Smart serial interface means your site's power quality can actually be monitored and events can be logged automatically. Using APC's PowerChute plus or SNMP adapter, you can get ongoing evidence of your ROI. Perform remote server reboots with PowerChute plus power management software for Windows NT, Novell, OS/2, Unix, and more.

I. Emergency Power-off capability meets facility safety requirements.