Matrix is Modular…

 Hot-Swappable modularity means high availability

A basic Matrix unit is made up of an isolation module, an electronics module, and external SmartCell battery packs. The isolation unit and the electronics unit mated together are called the Power Electronics (PE). In the Matrix modular design, the SmartCell battery packs and the electronics module can easily be swapped-out or repaired on-site by even an untrained employee without load interruption. This reduces Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) from a matter of days or weeks to a matter of minutes.

A. Main processor with FineLine™ voltage regulator

B. LED display/interface provides UPS status, UPS control, UPS test, UPS diagnostic info. Multilingual Matrix-UPS speaks French, German, Spanish or simple English

C. Hot Swap electronic module is Matrix-UPS' primary electronic component

D. UL-approved connectors

E. SmartSlot accessory bay allows easy customization

F. Silent fan ensures cool operation

G. Line-interactive power path provides unmatched reliability and efficiency

H. Hot swap screw

I. Zero-maintenance SmartCells. Add additional SmartCells for extended runtime

J. Battery microprocessor provides on-board diagnostics

K. Isolation transformer allows multiple output voltages in bypass mode

L. "Replace SmartCell" LED