High reliability, low operating costs, and manageability to defend your datacenter and your bottom line.

When mission-critical datacenter applications such as fileservers, midrange systems and telecom equipment are on the line, you need a UPS that can take care of your loads and take care of itself. Matrix-UPS, from APC, provides advanced modular UPS protection and award-winning, customizable management features. With an innovative, high-availability design, and included software, Matrix means high reliability, low operating costs, and manageability that will defend both your datacenter and your bottom line.

 The Matrix-UPS Advantage

Low lifecycle cost
Over five years, a 5kVA Matrix-UPS will cost approximately $900* in electricity to run, while competitive brands approach $2,800. Matrix-UPSí high efficiency means minimal wasted energy, dramatically reduced lifetime costs, and long battery life.

High efficiency
Moreover, Matrix-UPS is 93% efficient at full load, while some UPSs are only 70% to 80% efficient. The excess heat generated by these units not only wastes energy and reduces battery life, it may also create a need for special air conditioning.

* "The first modular UPS with SNMP support... The modular configuration allows the possible points of failure... to be hot swappable without affecting the protection afforded the fileservers... If you need managed power protection today and the flexibility to increase your coverage tomorrow, APCís modular Matrix-UPS provides fully paid insurance..."
PC Magazine