Parallel Operations

 The Silcon can be expanded by connecting up to 9 units whenever you need more power protection or redundancy. All Silcon products come equipped with all necessary equipment for parallel operation.

Parallel Operation
The Silcon offers a powerful, informative user interface. The unit provides audible alarms for 38 different monitored functions.
Redundancy is used to comply with the strict requirements for uninterrupted operation. Power systems consisting of several units must be sized to ensure that in the that event one system is down, sufficient capacity remains to power the load. In practical terms this means that the individual systems never operate at full load.
Advanced Power Management

Installed in parallel, the Silcon's intelligent control can also improve overall efficiency because only the systems needed to supply the load are "active." The other systems can be held in "stand by" mode, ready to start up without interruption when required.

Furthermore, to reduce stress and improve reliability, the load can be switched between the parallel systems in preprogrammed sequences.