• Up to 95% efficiency
  • Input power factor corrected to 1
  • No mains repercussions
  • Full rated output power available in kW
  • Very compact design and small footprint
  • Comprehensive communications facilities
  • 200% overload capacity
  • Parallel operation or redundancy configurable
  • Meets and exceeds all international valid norms and standards
  • Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification
  • Worldwide support and after-sales service

Due to the unique Delta Conversion On-line technology the Silcon offers the highest efficiency on the market - and thus the lowest operating costs. A unique PF ~ 1 internal powerfactor control makes an external phase compensation unit unnecessary.

Other advantages are: no mains repercussion, low heat and noise emission, and of course the utmost security against power failure and the capacity to handle extreme high overload. The Silcon is an efficient Green Power technology which is ready for the environmental protection requirements of tomorrow.

The Silcon has the load capacity to serve a broad range of electrical equipment - from mainframe computers to enterprise wide EDP installations, production lines, electronic control systems and telecommunication equipment. Up to nine Silcon systems can be paralleled to serve special demands for power upgrading or redundancy. Bus communication provides intelligent load distribution resulting in saved power during periods of lower power demand.

 User Defined Controls & Benefits

Characteristics of the Silcon include advanced microprocessor and digital technology. The controller - the very heart of the Silcon - controls every operation in the system and displays a variety of important parameters/values on the front display panel and/or through the serial RS232 communication port. With its standard built-in communication facilities, the controller provides a comprehensive level of remote dialogue and control. Programming of parameters is facilitated by the controller's front keypad.

 Minimizing Environmental Impact

All Silcon systems are manufactured almost entirely with recyclable materials and contain no PVC or other harmful plastics. Moreover, all packaging material is made with recyclable materials to conserve natural resources.

 Intelligent Battery Management

The Silcon controller features battery monitoring and temperature compensated battery charging. This ensures control of the battery capacity in cyclic intervals and charging under optimized conditions. This results in a higher system reliability and prolonged battery lifetime.

 Fan Surveillance

A built-in fan monitor ensures constant fan monitoring by which any irregularity is automatically displayed.