Symmetra Power Array Battery Frame
Extending the advantages of Power Array Technology to extended runtime solutions.

The Symmetra Power Array Battery Frame continues APC’s pioneering, Power Array Technology into extended run battery frames. The fundamental Power Array requirements of redundancy, scaleability, serviceability and manageability are all met with this intelligent battery frame. The Power Array Battery Frame is available in two configurations.

Feature Benefit
Integrated intelligence Communicates vital information to Symmetra* on battery health, runtime and potential error conditions
Modular Maximum flexibility in the field
Scaleable Purchase only what is needed now, expand when needed
Redundant A battery problem is isolated and does not compromise the system
Pre-installed 5 ft. connector** Makes installation a plug and play solution
* Support for this feature is standard on all 230/240V Symmetra and 208/240V Symmetra manufactured since November 1998. Symmetra 208/240V systems manufactured before this date may require an optional upgrade to fully support external intelligent battery management features. To check the compatibility of your system or for further information, please call APC.
** A 15 ft. Connector is available as a separate option (SYOPT5 for 208/240V regions and SYOPT5I for 220/230/240V regions)



Symmetra Basic Battery Cabinet
Economical, industry standard configurations that provide extended runtime for APC’s Symmetra.

The Symmetra Basic Battery Cabinet is a lower cost alternative to the Symmetra Power Array Battery Frame. For non-mission critical applications and exceedingly long runtimes, the cabinet provides economical run-time in three different configurations.

Feature Benefit
Industry standard Provides high quality runtime in standard industry configurations
Cost effective configurations Cost effective for exceedingly long runtimes for non-mission critical loads
Integrates with Power Array Battery Frame Can be used in conjunction with the Symmetra Power Array Battery frame to increase runtimes and still maintain advantages of Power Array Technology
Small footprint Uses less valuable datacenter floor space than other solutions