Symmetra Components Power Array provides the flexibility to meet the needs of any mid-size datacenter.
Multi-lingual display console puts monitoring and control at your fingertips. The PowerView attaches to the nose of Symmetra or can be extended up to 15 feet to be more convenient to a monitoring station or administrator's desk.
Holds the Power Array modules. It has no active components and a minimum of mechanical components, most of which (fans, for example) are user-replaceable.

 Intelligence Modules
The brain of the Symmetra. The Main Intelligence Module communicates with the outside world and synchronizes the modules. The Redundant Intelligence Module is the back-up brain and ensures fault-tolerance.
 Power Modules (PM's): 4kVA UPS 'building blocks'
Contain the electronics of a 4kVA UPS, including the inverter, rectifier, and charger.
 Isolated Battery Modules
Provide the runtime you need. Like Power Modules, Battery Modules are hot-swappable and user-replaceable. By physically isolating the Battery Modules from the heat-producing Power Modules, the Power Array maximizes both battery runtime and life.