Build a customized UPS management strategy with hot-swappable Symmetra accessories
Symmetra will do more than protect your investment; it will protect your career. Optional accessories and power management software provide the ability to manage your network from anywhere in your datacenter or anywhere in the world, and can be hot-swapped, as needed.

 PowerView (included)
Symmetra's remote display puts all power and UPS information at a system administrators fingertips in a menu-based format available in several languages. With monitoring and control parameters such as input voltage, level of redundancy, temperature and humidity, the display helps manage Symmetra from a monitoring station up to 15 feet (4.5m) away (standard) or up to 300 ft. (100m) with the Isolated Extension Cable (#AP9825), sold separately.

 Web/SNMP Management Card (included)
APCs Web/SNMP Management Card, which ships with Symmetra products, provides full remote monitoring, control, and configuration of the unit via open standards protocols including HTTP, SNMP, and Telnet. In the event of an extended power outage, it can command a virtually unlimited number of systems running PowerChute Network Shutdown to gracefully shut down, while all communications occur over the network.

 PowerChute® Network Shutdown (included)
PowerChute Network Shutdown provides reliable, graceful, unattended shutdown of multiple computer systems over a network, upon low battery warning. It communicates across the network via the included Web, SNMP, and Telnet Management Card and can be quickly and easily configured via a Web browser. The included CD contains support for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell NetWare, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux. Other OSes are available for download at APCs website.

 MasterSwitch™ Power Management
APC MasterSwitch™ provides complete Web, SNMP, and Telnet management and control of your networks power. The MasterSwitch™ network manageable power distribution unit (PDU) gives the network administrator complete remote control over the power to connected equipment. From anywhere on the network, administrators can use a network management station (NMS) or Web browser to power, shut off or reboot equipment. MasterSwitch™ cuts service costs and eases your power management burden.

 Share-UPS™ 8-port Interface Expander 
Share-UPS can be used as an alternative to network shutdown through the use of dedicated cables. It provides safe, automatic shutdown of up to 8 servers (even mixed OS) or daisy-chained to shutdown up to 36 servers.

SmartSlot™ Accessories provide custom management
Symmetra comes equipped with four SmartSlots, the unique accessory bays that allow you to slide various accessory cards into place without needing external communication or power supply connections. These four SmartSlots give you the scalability to expand network power management capabilities and build a custom power management strategy to serve any computing environment.

 Out-of-Band Management Card 
The Out-of-band Management Card works with an external modem to provide out-of-band UPS management for Symmetra, allowing you to reboot a distant locked-up device through an out-of-band modem link. You can also determine UPS status, diagnose power problems and configure UPS settings even when LAN communications are not available. The Out-of-Band Management Card can even page you whenever UPS power alerts occur.

 Environmental Monitoring Card 
Symmetra supports the Environmental Monitoring Card, which works with the Web/SNMP Management Card to provide environmental information such as ambient temperature and humidity, and to provide four user-definable contact closures for external alerts.

 Relay I/O Card 
Allows you to control and monitor power through a simple dry-contact interface, a communication format favored by manufacturers of PBXs, telecom devices and alarm management systems.

 5-Port 10Base-T Hub™ 
Expand or create a Local Area Network (LAN) by installing it into the Symmetra Power Array without using valuable rack space. The 5-Port 10Base-T Hub can be used with external hubs to create additional ports by allowing them to daisy-chain together.