Symmetra Components
Multi-lingual display console puts monitoring and control at your fingertips.
Holds the Power Array modules. It has no active components and a minimum of mechanical components, most of which (fans, for example) are user-replaceable.

 Intelligence Modules
The brain of the Symmetra RM. The Main Intelligence Module communicates with the outside world and synchronizes the modules. The Redundant Intelligence Module is the back-up brain and ensures fault-tolerance.
 Power Modules (PM's): 2kVA UPS "building blocks"
Contain the electronics of a 2kVA UPS, including the inverter, rectifier, and charger.
 Isolated Battery Modules
Provide the runtime you need. Like Power Modules, Battery Modules are hot-swappable and user-replaceable. By physically isolating the Battery Modules from the heat-producing Power Modules, the Power Array maximizes both battery runtime and life.