Other Features and Benefits
Feature Benefits
Standard Automatic & Manual Bypass Provides an alternate power path even if redundancy is not available
Standard Emergency Power Off Interface Allows seamless integration of the unit in a datacenter environment
Input Power Factor Correction Eliminates power line harmonics and neutral loads that can overheat building wiring Eliminates the need for heavy oversizing of generators
Wide Input Voltage Window (155 - 276V) Conserves battery power for blackouts Allows for seamless integration with generators
High Overload Capability (150% for 30 secs., 125% for 10 minutes) Ensures that all other loads receive continuous protected power in the event of a short in branch circuit
Allows the unit to run in online mode even while the load draws high inrush currents
High Crest Factor Limit (5:1) Ensures compatibility with most loads
Proven Technology Provides peace of mind