Protect your investment: scalable kVA and runtime ensure that Symmetra RM will meet your power needs now and in the future.

IS Managers want to be able to "pay as they grow" to meet the computing demands of the future. Changes in datacenter power requirements can make cost-effective power protection planning difficult. The Symmetra Power Array provides the flexibility to adapt and grow UPS power and runtime without complete reinvestment.

The Symmetra Power Array is made up of load-sharing modules so you can easily build and reconfigure your array. If you add computing power to your datacenter, you can add 2kVA Power Modules to expand your power capacity. If you need more battery run time, you can add Battery Modules. And if you re-deploy systems to different locations, you can move modules from one Power Array to another. All changes can be made while your systems are running and protected. Additional Battery Frames can be added for unlimited runtime.