Power Control

 The Silcon integrates seamlessly with generators

When extended back-up time is required (more than 1-2 hours), a diesel generator combined with a UPS having 5-10 min. back-up power often provides the optimal solution. In the event of mains failure, Silcon pulls power from the battery while the diesel generator is started and stabilized. As soon as the supply is re-established by the diesel generator, the Silcon provides the load with conditioned generator-supplied power.

Before the introduction of the innovative Silcon, combining UPS and generator power presented a serious problem. When switching back to normal operation with a traditional UPS, the thyristor controlled rectifiers draw high inrush current to magnetize the rectifier input transformer. They also cause a major distortion of the supply due to the commutation of the thyristors. The generator must be significantly over-sized to prevent the generator output voltage from being distorted, by commutation of the thyristors in a thyristor controlled rectifier.

With the Silcon you can use diesel generators without over-sizing. In fact, you can size to the same rating, because the sinusoidal input current causes no distortion feedback to the generator.

For very sensitive diesel installations the Silcon can even be programmed for soft start. When switching back to normal operation it slowly transfers the load from battery to generator.