Modular power protection for servers, midrange systems, and business critical applications

When mission-critical datacenter applications such as fileservers, midrange systems and telecom equipment are on the line, you need a UPS that can take care of your loads and take care of itself. With an innovative, high-availability, modular design, and included software, Matrix-UPS means high reliability, low operating costs and manageability that will defend both your datacenter and your bottom line.

 Features & Benefits
Product Overview Matrix-UPS, from APC, provides advanced modular UPS protection and award-winning, customizable management features.
Modularity Hot-Swappable modularity means high availability
Expandability SmartCells™ increase uptime and reduce costs
Flexibility Matrix-UPS offers full capacity in every served voltage, as well as upgradeable options.
Manageability APC Matrix-UPS works with APC’s PowerChute® plus UPS power management and diagnostic software to provide network administrators with useful UPS information and great flexibility in configuring UPS reaction to power events.
Accessories Enhance Matrix-UPS functionality in the areas of systems management, environmental monitoring and control, and communications
 Product Enhancements
UPS Management
  Power Management Safe system shutdown utilities plus administration/monitoring of APC devices
  Environmental Monitoring Monitoring of temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions
  Management Accessories Devices for adding additional functionality to your APC UPS
  Enclosure & KVM Switches High-quality, free standing network enclosures, rack accessories and KVM switches.
  Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Remotely reboot, turn on/off locked-up equipment from any location via intranet/internet using our MasterSwitch product family.
 Run Time

All Input voltages

  Runtime chart by load for Matrix models
 Literature PDF
part number title category language voltage
996-0645C Matrix Accessories Matrix-UPS English generic
996-0454C Matrix-UPS Matrix-UPS English all
 Model Information
Output120, 208, 240V   /  Input 208, 240V 
Technical Specifications Part Number Estimated Retail Price **
Matrix 3000 MX3000 3,599.00 USD
Matrix 3000 XR MX3000XR 4,399.00 USD
Matrix 5000 MX5000 5,299.00 USD
Matrix 5000 XR MX5000XR 5,500.00 USD

* Denotes regional product availability by voltage requirement.
** Without TAX/VAT