Symmetra is the world’s first Power Array, a completely new category of power protection systems designed by APC to meet today’s customer demand for scaleable and highly available power solutions.

The Symmetra family of power protection systems combine with the complete line of APC datacenter software and accessories to provide the four most critical elements of total datacenter protection: redundancy, scalability, manageability, and serviceability

 APC’s Symmetra family of products include:

Symmetra Power Array
The Symmetra Power Array is the ultimate high availability power protection equipment and the original Power Array. APC’s Symmetra combines the newest in technological innovations with the high availability requirements of redundancy, scaleability, manageability and serviceability.

Symmetra Power Array Battery Frames
The Symmetra Power Array Battery Frame continues APC’s pioneering, Power Array Technology into extended run battery frames. The fundamental Power Array requirements of redundancy, scaleability, serviceability and manageability are all met with this intelligent battery frame.